My progress of 'Make a website' disappeared!


I read a other topic to say 'The “make a website” code disappeared', but I dont finished it... I was in the 80% progress.
I want to finish the course today, but it doesn't appears.

Please help!
Thanks a lot


yes, I also finished it completely about a week or so ago. and now its gone. i saw it yesterday that it was completed. what happened?


It got rewritten....

Technically a new course.


Thanks for your quick replies :slightly_smiling:
I think to try the 'Make an interactive website' in this moment, if I can't to do it, I will return to 'Make a website' :muscle:


Make an interactive website is a bit harder though, so I highly recommend doing Make a website first, and if you haven't done the HTML & CSS course yet, I would 100% recommend doing that first.