My progress is get reset mistakenly

My progress is get reset mistakenly. I had completed python 3 35% till list module. Please help me to get my progress back.

Hello @pratikkatkade!! :grinning:

Sadly, I don’t believe you can get the progress back, in one smooth action, if you have reset the course.
However, since you already understand the concepts that were taught, you can use the solution button to avoid having to rewrite the code.
In case you have not seen it, you can access the solution button by running the incorrect program twice in the lesson, it will then offer for you to choose solution to the right of the run button. Clicking it will give you the correct answer and then you can move ahead.

It is not a perfect fix, but it is much quicker than rewriting all of your code again.

Hopefully this is helpful :grinning:

Hi there.

If you contact the Codecademy Customer Support team via the Help Center, they may be able to assist with restoring your progress on the course. You can open a ticket with them here:


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