My profile web page / feedback please

Hi guys,

Just finished my profile web page using html, css and js. Just looking for some feedback.
Note - the contact form (footer) is note fully functional as I’m looking for the best way to do it. At this moment I’m thinking in use PHP. Any sugestions about the best way to submit an online form?


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i give this advice to many people, because its not covered in the course, start reading here to learn about col-xs and col-sm which allow columns for smaller screens.

First learn PHP, then you can make server side coding to handle and validate your form, then you can submit your form :slight_smile:

Thanks for feedback. I’ll read the link you posted with special attention to media queries…

media query’s allow to have different css code depending on the width of the device, very useful if you want to make a nice scaling website.

you can read more about media here

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That’s useful because I’ve noticed that my website isn’t scaling properly (dev tools > device toolbar)

well, then i highly recommend reading both links i posted. Good luck!

-Be careful with decorative fonts, they’re very hard to do well. At most, I’d just use it for titles, but not paragraphs.
-The header has some responsiveness issues.
-Using media queries for the paragraph widths would be good. Alternatively you can just give the text a max-width of ~95% and some margin either side.

RE: sending a contact form.
The easiest way (imo) is a plugin in a CMS. If you want to use PHP without a CMS/framework, PHPMailer is what I tend to use.
Also, I’ve never had to let users upload files, but I’d imagine there could be some security risks if you’re writing the PHP yourself.