My portfolio!

Hi there!
I want to share with you my portfolio, it’s a little bit minimalistic but it suits my style B-) waiting for your feedback! You can change the language by pressing the flag button.
All the best, greetings from Poland!

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Your site looks good! Overall I really like your style.

The transition animations are all smooth except for the language switch, which is no problem. I like the minimal color usage, the subtle shadows and the font that you’re using. I actually didn’t know that the flag was a button until I came back and read your post. I like that you integrated both languages.

Here are a few of my thoughts:

  • For some reason the web browser scroll bar is visible when I navigate to your site which takes away from your simplistic card layout. Would it be possible to style the content card so that the browser didn’t need to scroll outside of the content card?

  • The layout of your brand / nav bar has more space on the left than it does on the right, would aligning your name to the rest of the content on the left improve the readability? (Also, what if when you clicked on the flag, your name changed to Anthony like in your post here then back to Antoni when you click the flag again)

  • The mobile text is a bit small to read and I think your skills page should use the space better on mobile. Instead of sticking the technology icons at the bottom, maybe using more of the negative space in the center would help to connect your call to action for clicking on the icons and the icons themselves.

  • The favicon on your site is still the react favicon. Maybe you should use your initials or something more personalized instead?

Thanks for the feedback on my project, I hope my thoughts have been constructive and helpful.

Cheers, from Phoenix AZ! :cactus:

Wow, thank you for your feedback! It is extremely heartwarming to read :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it would be quite hard to smoothly change the language because I decided to use simple JSX ? syntax instead of making separate divs in English and Polish, but I think it is forgettable.

  1. What browser are you using? I have checked it on iOS Safari + Mac Safari and Chrome and I had no sliders.

  2. I’ll fix it today! I don’t want to change my name, because my official name is Antoni, so I want to stick to it.

  3. That’s a good point and I’m gonna think on it for a while.

  4. Tbh I totally forgot about favicon :joy:

Thank you once again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi Antoni
I really like your site. I think is very harmonious and minimalist going to the point :slight_smile: I am completely new in programming, and i will like to make my own portfolio, so you give me ideas :slight_smile: ! Thank you for sharing

Hey Anthony,

Your site is amazing! Your minimalistic style is fancy and easy to follow. The only thing I would suggest you is to highlight dates and institution on education page. There is a lot of text, so some bold highlights will help users to read!

Good luck in your journey!!
If you have time to check mine: Here's my portfolio! Never thought I would be so happy making a slide show using JavaScript!