My Portfolio

Here is a link to my site (:

It would be great to get some code review

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Hi there, cool page. Mind telling me when you started coding, maybe that’ll cool me down cuz I feel like I have a LOT to do to create something like that. Lol!

Welcome to the forums. Congrats on completing the project!

Really pretty scenic photo on the landing page! I like how your projects are displayed on the “My Work” page too.

  • One thing that would seem minor, but really isn’t: make sure you run text portions through spell/grammar check. Ex: “I am an easy lerner and a problem solver, specialized in front-end programming” could be tweaked to: “Avid learner and problem solver, specializing in front-end programming.” (or something like that). I found this site that might be helpful in that area:
    Thesaurus Grammar Coach

  • And unless your social media accounts are professional in nature, don’t include them on a portfolio page. There should be separation between professional and personal lives. No potential employer needs to know what goes on in your personal life.

I say this a LOT to many people after looking at their portfolios. Here’s why: several years ago there was a case of a public school teacher (elementary school) who went on vacation to the UK and went to a pub. She posted photos of herself in the pub with her friends enjoying a pint to her FB page. Some parents of her students–who she was friends with on FB (hello, mistake) complained to the school that she was setting a “bad example” and she was fired. Fired for enjoying herself on vacation. I think she appealed the decision, but I’m not sure what happened.

TLDR; don’t put social media links on your professional/business website unless the social media accounts are professional in nature. :slight_smile:

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That was really helpfull!

It was about 5 months ago