My portfolio

Hey guys! I did the web development course a few months ago, and have kept coding since. I’d appreciate feed back on my personal site. I’m really glad to be on this journey, and hope to make it a life change!

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:


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Hey man, really love the website! And some very cool projects!

I have a question tho, for your Ignite website, when I click the game, there will be a pop-up that shows the details of the game. Can I know how you did the pop-up? Did you use framework or library for that?

Oh man that project was hard, and I’m looking to do it again to learn everything better, but for my animation I used framer motion. Since I used React it was easy to dynamically render the pop-up boxes. So I just built one pop-up component, and pulled from the API to get the information to fill in the blanks.

Feel free to check out my code on gitHub.

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thanks for the help man! Will try to implement them in my reddit project.