My Portfolio Website

Here is my Portfolio Website.
This project was completed over a two week period… I say about 14 hours in total. Since I did get caught up in the Scope creep that the projected warned about.

While I am overall happy with how it turned out, I have come to realize, that the site looks janky (for a lack of better words) on a phone. I am guessing that my media queries have messed around with how it appears on a phone.

I will have to go back look at that. But for now: Julian's Portfolio Website
Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hi there! You have such interesting and motivational story of your journey from English teacher to software development. Now I’m also on my way to exlpore absolutely new field for me as a Data Scientist. I’m so excited and actually have so many doubts about it. But we will see, I should give a try myself. Good luck man. Hope you will achieve great results!