My portfolio website

Here’s version one of my portfolio website. Please let me know if you have any suggestions! Looking forward to adding to this as I complete more projects.

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Congratulation for your personal website!! Really cool!!

Just check if it works for mobile! When I resized the screen, some elements got too big…

Good luck in your journey!
If you have time to give me some feedback too: Your portfolio website is nothing but BEAUTIFUL!! It’s a delight see how your branding, colors and typography works together!! Love it!!!

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Thank you for the feedback! Curious, what elements were resized incorrectly? I tested it through DevTools and on my phone and had no issues there.

Sure! I don’t think it’s incorrectly, but the proportions of your nav-bar and icons become very diferent for mobile when I checked on google developer tools.

But maybe it’s just for me!

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Thank you! I didn’t size it down that far, I stopped at about 360px

This is fixed now, thank you!