My Portfolio Website

Hello everyone,

The site was relatively easy to make in two days, still changing the script so i’m not fully done yet with the JS.
Creating the layout and design of the site was the most time-consuming.
Please check my repository here: GitHub - Elsandre/
My site is visible here:

I would love to receive some feedback!
Have fun with the project if you haven’t finished it yet :slight_smile:

Hello Elsandre,

The link does not work for me, I got a GitHub 404 page…

Hi Brewalan,

I forgot to set it public, thank you for your notice.

It’s public now.

Amazing pictures ! Really beautiful.

However, when I click on a picture, I can’t see it in full screen.

Looks good, two things:

1: when you shrink the page in the browser things are overlapping and getting hidden.

2: for your nav bar i would maybe set a background color, since your name on the left overlaps items and gets a bit hidden when scrolling.

Otherwise well done!

Thanks for the feedback, I’m still implementing the js so it doesn’t work yet.

Thanks! I still need to set breakpoints because the site didn’t like small screens like mobile devices at the moment.

I’m thinking of making a transition to a solid header the moment you scroll down, still working on the animation part of that.

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