My Portfolio Website

Hi There,

I managed to complete my portfolio website within 2 days. It is still a work in progress and I will definitely keep updating it as i go along the course. Please feel free to give any feedback both positive and negative :slight_smile:

Git Repo

Portfolio Website



I love your site - the color scheme, the images (how did you get those, by the way?), and the setup of the sections. There are some things that you could make a little better:

  • The header buttons could use some more flair on hover (though they’re perfect not on hover)

  • The scroll when you click My Portfolio and the header buttons could be smoother

  • The footer may need to be a bit taller, I can barely see it

  • The “Back to top” needs to be more noticeable, I didn’t see it until I looked closer (also smooth scroll)

But congratulations on finishing your portfolio! It looks great - especially for just two days of work :upside_down_face:

Hey There. Thanks for the feedback! I started with finding banner image on one of the websites: or then kind of worked around that :slight_smile:

definitely will look into smooth scroll and the footer thing and will have to add some interactivity once I’m done with Javascript.

Thanks again :))

Thank you for the websites! I really love the images, that’s why I asked.

You’re welcome, happy coding! :grinning:

Hi, the website is really cool but from my opinion I think that you miss the contact info. Happy Coding :smile:

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