My portfolio website

Here is version 1.0 of my portfolio website exercise! I probably overcomplicated myself a bit with the four pages. The one thing I noticed is that I spent a lot more time that I thought on the CSS, mainly the positioning of elements. Making a mobile and a desktop version is time-consuming.

On the JavaScript front, I initially planned to have a form you could fill that would send me a message, but after some research that wasn’t possible with JavaScript and you would have needed to touch the back-end for that. I can’t do that so I abandoned the idea and made a drop-down menu for the mobile version of my nav bar. The main problem I ran into is that you were supposed to be able to close it by clicking outside the menu. But both the opening and closing event would fire at the same time and the bar wouldn’t show. So I added a close button, which is probably not great ergonomy-wise, but it works.

Right now it’s just a skeleton without much content, because I don’t have a lot of things to put in it yet, but I plan to fill it up as soon as I get some ideas.

What do you think about it?

Here is the GitHub link!


It would be great if you post the URL to access the project deployed, not only here in this post but also in the README of your repository, otherwise people can’t access easily. How I know how does GitHub deploys projects I could create the URL by myself.

Apart from this, the site looks good! and its great you aimed to build more than one page, which is always a challenge. I think it will look better with a few but real post about your projects. It doesn’t matter if they are mini-projects by this point. I think that because it will relate you more emotionally with your site and each time you add a new project to it you will feel motivated.

Keep it up!


Thank you!

I can’t figure out how to edit my original post so here’s the link to the deployed project: CJL Fortunato | Portfolio | Home.

I also put it in the ReadMe (and I got Markdown to work properly which is a bonus).

I do plan to populate it with projects once I got them, but the problem is that I have no idea what to make, so if you have any ideas, I’m all ears! :blush:

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