My Portfolio Website. Second try

I decided to remake my portfolio page as I am near the end of the full stack path and I was not really happy with my first one. So this is my second try. It’s in German and English so you probably have to change the language to English (top left). I used React and have to say the second time it felt more easy todo.

My Portfolio:

On GitHub: GitHub - MarcReetz/Portfolio

I would be happy to get feedback!


Looks awesome Marc! Very clean and I like the layout. Looks great for mobile too. Well done!

Hello There!

I know how having to remake a website feels. This same thing I had to go through.
Here you can see my project on

Anita this is the finish site
My Website: anitadames

My Feedback:
Well Done :raised_hands: I can only imagine the hard work that you have invested.
It is such a beautiful layout. The color and the interactions that you have is nice.

All the best!
Happy Coding