My portfolio website, please share feedback


My portfolio is still missing a few things. Portoflio projects will be added at some point. Now, there is only a screenshot of one that I am currently working on. Also, the contact form is not working.

Please, let me know what you thinks. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please share :slight_smile:

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Hi Julia,

Thanks for sharing your website.

I really like the simplicity style with clear and straightforward structure, which only took me a glimpse of an eye to get to know the whole website’s “bone”. As a browser, thank you for the easy and friendly design which didn’t cost too much learning.

From the words shared, I can see that you really are on the way for career switch and are passionate about it. Wish you all the best and look forward to more of your work!

One of my personal feedback for your reference only: I think I would only like to fill in up to most two blank columns(email and content) if I want to drop you a message in the “contact” section. There’re four blank columns now, which put a little bit of resistance before my action. But anyway, this is just a bit personal thought, totally subjective. Please don’t take it as shortcoming or anything, it’s just a feeling as a browser.


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Thank you! I appreciate it very much :smiling_face:

Hi Julia.
I really like its design, the color selection and the little Full Stack Developer animation of the header.
In the projects section, I can only see an image, but I cannot click on it and see more about this project or others, I would like to be able to visit that project and see more.
I think the contact section can be stylized a little more, reducing the width of the filling fields.
Now, in mobile mode, it would be great to see the image seen in the desktop version.

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Thank you very very much :slight_smile: I will make some changes for sure.

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