My portfolio website - Eric Alain - Let me know what you think!

Hey All,

Just sharing my personal portfolio site with you. I’ve set it up as a sort of cv and practical demo of my skills.

You can find me here!

Any feedback is welcome, I am always looking to improve.



Wow, that is a beautiful site. It’s very clean, professional and all the transitions are very smooth. I think how you’ve presented the employment information is very clever. My only feedback would be that I’m not sure whether the grey text could be slightly darker for legibility. But really well done. I’ll be bookmarking the site so I can reference it later to inspire me!

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Sacré bleu, well done.

Only remark would be the typo about Codecademy.

Proficient in the use of HTML5 and CSS3 for the development of static web pages. Completed HTML training with Eliquo and

Doesn’t really matter since either URL points to the right website, but just thought I’d point it out : )

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Aw, thanks for the kind words! I need to update some info on this site anyways so I’ll add this to the list of to-do’s, thanks so much!

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Oh crap, thanks! I didn’t notice that, I guess I pronounce it differently in my head lol

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Very nice, but might be better if the picture corresponded to the actual website, but I don’t know much about design, so don’t trust me!

You are totally right, I am actually waiting on a friend of mine to help me with a vector banner for this site! Thanks for the input!

To those checking this out now, I challenged myself to rebuild my site using react.js and gatsby.js. I figured I would mention this because it maybe not be what you expect to see anymore.

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Hi! I really like your portfolio website. I would like you to teach me some stuff, if youre available. It will help me improve my skills.

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Sent you a message, thanks so much for the kind words.