My Portfolio Site


Thank you in advance for giving this a look, please let me know if you find any major issues and I’ll work on addressing them. My public socials are available on my portfolio website so please feel free to connect with me there if you’d like!

This project wasn’t overly difficult. For me I usually find the hardest aspect of starting a new build like this to be coming up with an overall design. I looked around at other portfolio websites for some inspiration and I went with a layout that is familiar but attractive (I hope).

I think this took me around 12 hours to get to be close enough to fully complete for me to feel comfortable sharing with everyone here.

Jesse’s Portfolio Site

Some of the projects I included on the site aren’t fully complete, I am working on them, albeit slowly.


Hi, Jesse!

Thank you for sharing your portfolio with us. I just wanted to make a comment about color contrast.

Your overall color selection passes all categories but the WCAG AAA test, which is good! However, your footer:


Fails all tests. It’s important to remember that, as developers, we also need to keep in mind that design is just as important. But the beginning of your journey is such a great place to familiarize yourself with these concepts!

I believe your text could be larger on mobile and have more spacing in general, but this is a good starting position to find yourself in. :slight_smile:

Hey thank you for the feedback! I went through and made the text in the footer bold and adjusted the colors a little bit so that they should be much more readable. I’m going to work on mobile stuff next.

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