My portfolio site

Hey everyone, My final HTML project is up.

Give it a look. I see one technical problem of the pic taking a second to load up, but I think I can address that. How is it overall?

you can maybe compress or shrink the images? There ar programs for it.

I have on improvement point, when i make the website half of my screen the contact and about go outside the header:

to overcome the problem really easily, you can add a pull-left to the <div class="col-md-4"> which holds you heading (Salim Farhat)

Also, col-md-4 only work for large screens (more then 992px), take a look here, might give you some more insight

You #footer is also below the image if the screen is smaller then 992px. You might want to change that. For the rest it is good, well done :slight_smile:

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