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When you have the chance I would love for you all to check out my portfolio site, I’m pretty proud of how V1 turned out and I’m already working on enhancements and clean up on a V2. The source code can be found here. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hey Matt, the site looks great! Nice use of the custom domain and the mobile hamburger menu.

I just finished up my own portfolio site as well, would also appreciate any feedback :sunglasses:

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Looks great! I love a minimalist approach with a great use of whitespace. To many people tend to over-clutter things. And I have a quick “pay it forward” suggestion from another experienced developer friend of mine who made this suggestion to me. If you add “scroll-behavior: smooth;” to html tags in your css your anchor links will animate smoothly to their page locations so that the jumps are a less jarring. And I believe it works in the majority of, if not all, modern browsers. I added it to mine and I love it!

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Thanks for the feedback!

Also, that’s a great suggestion. I just implemented it and it definitely creates a less jarring user experience and makes the jumps way more smooth :sunglasses: Appreciate it!