My Portfolio Site - Feedback Please!

I had a great time building my portfolio site! I’d say it took me a good 10-15 hours to complete - most of my time was spent on adding the interactive elements and debugging some of the responsiveness. I am pretty happy with the overall design. My favorite part is the particle animation - I feel like it really shows the power of what you can do with css/javascript.

Here are the links:
Live Website

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Love the site, you did a great job! Very user friendly and clean. I love the black background with the white text, it really made the text pop and easy to read.

Cool stuff man, love it!

I have 2 suggestions specific to mobile viewing. It’s very responsive so kudos for that!

Although I noticed 2 things:

  1. It looks like the horizontal line spilled onto the next line, or rather the last item spilled onto a new line, causing the line to look out of place.

  1. This is a subjective suggestion but I believe all this content would look a lot nicer centered. The rest of the page is centered so it looks a little out of place:

Great job though! Looks slick!