My portfolio, responsive, interactive and Accessible too!


Last week I started wirh the portfolio project. The hardest thing was plan and wireframe the website. I have written it all down in the Read me file. I am almost done. My portfolio is responsive, pretty accessible and interactive too.

I am happy to inspire you for your portfolio and I am ok with feedback.


This is Great!! I plan on getting mine done by end of Summer!

That’s a great looking website ! Very clean, I really like the light/dark mode toggle switch ! You could add some smooth scrolling to it, to make the experience even better.

* {
    scroll-behavior: smooth;

Happy coding !

Thanks you! Good luck with your portfolio.

Thank you, I am really happy with how it all looks. I love the darkmode too! It wasn’t so hard to do. So to challenge myself I added a counter too which counts the days when I first started with learning every day.

I added the scroll- behavior, but what does it do?

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Really nice features, yes so basically when you add this behaviour to your CSS, it smooths out the scrolling whenever to click on your about me section for example, it can be quite subtle. Maybe if your different sections were at 100 vh it would be more noticeable, instead of jumping from one section to another abruptly, it will do so very smoothly.

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Thank you, I see what you mean.

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