My Portfolio Project

Hi everyone,

I’ve finished what I would say is a workable first draft of the Portfolio Project. I worked on this for a few weeks (while I was on vacation so not too much time each day). I personally found it fun but challenging, having to constantly look up how to do things and trying to problem solve why things weren’t working the way I wanted them to. I’m fairly certain it’s not 100% perfect (I can name a few things I want to change but am not fully sure of how to do them) but I’m super pleased with what I’m accomplished at this point.

Here is the link to my project: Michael’s Portfolio Project

Here is a link to my code repo.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Even if it’s to tear it down completely!

Hopefully all the links work!


Hi Michael just finished my project too.
And just giving checking some projects and giving some feedback:

I liked the resposivenness
And a kudos for how interactive it is.

The only issues I’ve seen are from a design perspective not a programmer one, but even there are some issues the old-school look and feel you attempt to accomplish its well made.
If it was my site:

  • The header maybe use background-color so when seeing it on the web the tabs would make more sense. (not a problem on mobiles since the tabs change to buttons.)
  • The black h3’ s are hard to read due to low contrast between the Bg and the font. maybe another color or font-weight

Anyways, it’s a great application of code and I kind of enjoy going thru the pages. I just wish mine was as good and interactive as yours. Maybe on some time over the next month I’ll take a day or two to implement some ideas inspired on your page.