My Portfolio Project

I’m very exited to share my Personal Portfolio Project.
It took me a while, but I’m quite proud of the result :smile:

I would be grateful for any feedback, code review and suggestions how could I improve my code.

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Hi Maciej,

Well done for your website, I really like the theme and the colours are very easy on the eyes too. It is a fully responsive site and I think what you did with the navbar is clever as well! Having the burger menu on the desktop view first and then the menu on a smaller screen and then the arrows to lead to each page of the site on mobile, I think it’s really cool. I noticed the contact links all lead back to your home page though, not sure if that was deliberate or you forgot to update the href. Also, IF you need help with your English, I can help contribute to your project on Github. Overall very good work, well done!

Thank’s for Your response, and all advices!

I’m very glad that You liked my project
In contacts I just forgot to update the hrefs. I’m still practising my English, and I’m going to corrrect the mistakes :wink:

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