My portfolio project

This was my first portfolio project. I had lots of fun doing it. You can view the code here, and the actual page at This project isn’t my real portfolio, it’s just an example portfolio that I will include as one of my projects in my real portfolio later on. Feedback will be appreciated.

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That’s really nice! I do like it and just want to say this much already takes a lot of work so kudos. I particularly like that you seem to be thinking about the user experience (night mode option, navigation ease, etc.).

Some thoughts:

  • Maybe navbar on top can have some quick access to your sections? Once I commit and click to an area, I have to scroll the rest of my way to go anywhere. It’s ok when it’s small but if this grows…
  • Contact me and email me sections seem redundant (and maybe it’s a pet-peeve but I don’t like links that automatically open my mail app…).
  • Error handling should be graceful for bad forms (like if i submit an empty form I get a 405, but it takes me to a plain default page).
  • Form validation could still use work (like if i put a valid email but dummy values for the rest it still gives me a 405, but no description of why it’s rejected), but it’s great that it’s not permissive as a default.


This much whiteness is a bit strong on my weak eyes :slight_smile: that’s subjective though. But do consider more mixing and matching colors that complement your goal of the look.

On the other hand night mode doesn’t have enough contrast with containers for my taste:

Play with the styling of this cover page. It’s your first impression so it really has to be a home run. Right now it looks like a good placeholder.

Finally, a purely subjective thing… I wouldn’t rank my skills openly with those bars. What if the job that wants you is linux heavy and you have all the other skills they want? You still have enough time to take some week(s) to cram in more skills to be closer to a level they want.


Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

You’re right about container contrast in the night mode, I’m going to work on it. Do you think that in the light mode dark gray text would make it not so strong? I’m not sure what to do to improve that part.

There are two things I didn’t quite get. You said to style the cover page more, and not to rank the skills with those bars. I didn’t get that. Can you explain it a little bit better?

Thanks, Jared.

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They’re subjective points.

  • I just think the landing area of the page can have more impact.
  • Ranking skills in concrete places (like a website) I feel can pigeonhole one unwittingly. Like if I’m advertising I play violin and viola… but I announce only play violin 70% as well as viola… the person viewing my site will get that image stuck in their head. If they need a violinist, they will hire elsewhere. In the future, instead of going back to check whether I “ranked” up, they will probably continue assuming I’m at 70% with that skill…

It’s very subjective though, that’s just my take. Take it with a grain of salt.

You’re right. What do you think I could use instead of the skill bars?

I would just list the skills, personally. Not sure how I’d style it.

Ok, thank you so much for the feedback!

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