My portfolio project website - would love some feedback!

I would love any feedback on my portfolio website - it’s not as fully developed in content terms as some others as I’m not working towards seeking employment, just a hobbyist wanting a place to showcase what I’ve built for the front-end course. So it’s just a single-page site with links to my projects and git repos. But I would love any feedback, many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Portfolio site: (
Git repo:


Wow! It’s fantastic and I mean it!

There’s a really great showcase of coding skills and projects, but also there’s a bunch of creativity poured into this, too.

Keep it up!


Wow this looks simple yet it’s so technically advanced. Could you tell me at what stage of learning are you ? Well done !

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Thank you! I’ve just finished the front-end half of the full-stack path, that is the only study I’ve done. Now moving onto the back-end half!

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Wow, that makes me realise that I have missed something in the way of learning. You writing so many lines of code and everything just works perfectly. Maybe I didnt spend enough time on this portfolio as mine looks so poor and basic comparing to yours. I have already moved on to back end , maybe to quick. Anyways, you doing great job !

Well my first version was very basic, I think the important thing is to get something made, and then you can always come back to it and develop it over time!


You are absolutely right. Would you be interesting in pair-programming in the nearest future? I am not much ahead of you ( well actually by the look at the portfolio | am well behind :slight_smile: in the material. Would be great to help each other to motivate and get through difficult parts.

Looks good, there’s some good stuff there. :+1:

The only thing I’d say, having spent a while playing your clock solitaire game, is that it was difficult to see how many of the Kings had been played. The outline of the four cards was always visible, but there didn’t appear to be any noticeable change as the Kings were (seemingly) uncovered. Otherwise, good fun. :slight_smile:

Geocities was a pleasant blast from the past… can’t believe it’s been 10 years or so since Yahoo closed it down (except in Japan). :frowning: