My Portfolio Project: US Medical Insurance

Took me a couple of days to complete - the difficulty was just about right.
I probably made things more difficult than it should have been.
I tried to make my code to be “universal”, rather than writing a specific code for a specific task involving a specific subgroup of data. For example, I made a code to calculate and compare average insurance costs for two different groups, and the user can specify any two groups they want. I could’ve just simply picked two groups that I was interested in, and write a specific codes for those two groups, which would have been simpler and quicker.

Also my way of treating the data after importing it from csv was probably not the ideal way.
I probably should have just chosen to make a list for each group (column) in the data, and that might’ve been easier to manipulate. But I was concerned separating the data to separate individual lists might lose connectivity between the groups, once I categorise the group into new groups (e.g. categorising BMI group into subgroups of “underweight”, “healhty”, “overweight”, and “obese”).

Here is the link: