My Portfolio Project: US Medical Insurance

Hello peole, how are you?
I show you how my CodeCademy project ended up.

Git Hub: Codecademy Project: US Medical Insurance Costs

It was a big challenge and I am not entirely happy with my code, but I think asking questions and finding a way to solve them was a step forward.
The first thing I did when I saw the database was to think about some hypotheses of my common sense to see if they were corroborated with the database. I hope you find my analysis entertaining and I appreciate your watching, commenting and telling me how I could have done it better. Greetings to all the data scientists.

Hey Bruno,
I checked your project and I like how you put a clear hyptheses you wanted to verify.

Using pandas to analyze data is very fun and convenient, I also applied it in my project :slight_smile:

For one of the hypotheses:

Between what ages does the most BMI accumulate?

you can take a look at the pandas method .cut() that allows you to define custom bins in dataset and label them.

Additionally I would recommend to round up your results to one or two decimals to get clearer visual effect of your findings.

In overall, congratulations! And keep learning :smiley: