My Portfolio Project: US Medical Insurance

Hi, everyone,

This is what I came up with for the US Medical Insurance project. Overall, the project was okay. Some parts were harder than others. Although I knew that there wouldn’t be step-by-step instructions, I assumed there would still be some kind of objective or overall question. Instead I had to come up with the questions, which was a bit challenging. I’m not sure how it will be on the job, but it seems that it might be easier since there would be goals for the company or the department that needs the analysis.

Overall, the project took me about 3 days to complete. Spending about 6 hours the first two days and a few hours on the third. The first two questions took a long time to figure out. I would try to do thing one would and get an error, try something else and get a different error and then try something else. A few times I had to leave it and do something else.

If you’re interesting, the link is below. What do you think? Post a comment. Thanks

your question is interesting. I like the way that you make a dictionary for ‘data’ which make retrieving is easier than mine (I did not combine it together, just let them as lists)

I have some notification as follows:

  • for function ins_data_dictionary, I think set while < 1338 is not quite good as we create function for reusing. probably change to len(x). By the way, creating the list comprehension is shorter.
dkey = [i for i in range(len(x))
  • for function costs_per_age, the math symbol in if statements are incorrect. As you told earlier that Baby Boomer are 56-74 years old, the operation should be >= and <=. Otherwise, the age 56 and 74 yrs will be not included in calculation.
  • It would have been better to understand data output if you had written the results that described more rather than only the number values.

I am also a newbie. Looking at your projects gave me some more ideas.

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