My Portfolio Project (rough draft)

Attached is a rough draft of my portfolio project. I plan on updating it in the near future. Any recommendations or input would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @code6480123563 (Randy)!
I checked your project and here are some ideas that may improve your project:

  1. The link “Projects” in header is broken, I guess you’re missing the #project tag in the href attribute.
  2. The background where you introduce yourself has a blue that is kind of dark and doesn’t provide enough contrast with the text. Perhaps you could try with another background or another color for the text (I would try another background).
  3. You can define a color property for the icons of github, linkedin and facebook. That way you don’t rely on the auto colors assigned by the browser to anchors in each state (link, active, hover, visited). Check: W3Schools Tryit Editor


Keep going! :rocket: