My Portfolio Project - Looking for feedback please :)

Hi everyone,

I am looking for some feedback on my personal portfolio (Front-End Engineer Career Path) please…
I’m not total comfortable with the design and I’ve several ‘cleaner’ ideas floating around so I will probably come back and change it all at some point lol.

Anyway, let me know what you think - I welcome all feedback…!

Thanks in advance :smile:

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I was very impressed. It’s modern, creative and very cohesive. There’s lots I really like about it. The colours complement one another well. The transparency overlays and are extremely well done. Also great, the caricature and personable bio! The background image fits well. The drop in menu is excellent. Fonts, layout, logo images - all ticks from me.

Initially I was impressed by the animations, but then they kept coming and I was perhaps wondering whether you were a one trick pony. Then the social icons leapt out at me and I was definitely over the animating.

The text below your slides is a bit cramped and I’d like it centred better.

It’s not (yet) mobile friendly.

Overall, superb and puts mine to shame! And you’ve still got better ideas to come.

Hi, thanks for the feedback - much appreciated.

I totally agree about the social icons in the contact section, this needs a complete redesign I feel.

The carousel text description was a struggle for me, I was caught between doing a pop up overlay to the thumbnail with the site description or a hover box. Decided to keep it simple. Yes again, I agree the formatting could be tweaked.

Not responsive yet, just wanted to get feedback on the overall feel and design before I started coding that.