My Portfolio Project [HTML, CSS, JS]

Hello :grinning:,

My portfolio project in github:

Github page
Files github

sharing is learning :wave:


I like it really nicely done

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Hi, sophie. I am just being curious and would like to know what languages/tools did you use to make this and how long did it take you to finish it. Thank you!

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I used visual code and adobe xd, it took me 2 days to finish

Thank you very much. Very good job, keep it up.

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You are awesome! I love what youve done.

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Sophie! This personal portfolio page is very well done. It is eye-catching from the second I land on your page. You grab the viewer’s attention very well and quickly show off the depth of your web design skills. I haven’t gotten a chance to review the code yet though I plan to, as I’m very curious how you accomplished multiple things on your page and think I could learn from you. The only physical change I would suggest to you is how you display the items in your portfolio, as right now I can only see a brief screenshot of the web-designs in your portfolio. I think it would be helpful if you either made these links allowing the user to view the entire website and its functionality, or you could include larger pictures that give a more well-rounded view of your work, as I don’t doubt your portfolio pieces go very in-depth as well :slight_smile:

Keep up the wonderful work and all the best to you!

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