My Portfolio Project for review

Hi Everyone,

Everyones pages are looking great!

I would love to get some feedback on my portfolio. It’s not all the way complete, however, It is functional, with HTML, CSS and Javascript and has been deployed.

My Javascript comes into play in the contact section, where I have coded it in with firebase to receive the information you input, try it out.

Thanks guys,

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Thanks for submitting your project.Congrats on completing it! :partying_face:

I have a few thoughts:

  • The icons for the programming languages on the Skills page are all stretched out vertically.

  • Double check the grammar in the Brief Message/About Me paragraph. You can convey enthusiasm about learning and highlight your strengths/skills here. Google to find some ideas.

  • Unless your social media accounts are professional in nature, don’t include them on a portfolio site. There needs to be a separation between personal and professional life. I understand why people include this stuff on their site as if to say, 'hey, look! I have a life!" to potential employers. But do you really want any employers to see what you did last weekend at that party or where you went on vacation? :upside_down_face: Nope.
    If your instagram or FB are professional/business related or, if you have an engineering blog on Medium include that.

  • Possibly include a link to your CV or resume that’s available in a downloadable format–PDF or google docs. (?)


Hi Lisalisaj,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your suggestions, I appreciate it. I will definitely re-visit my portfolio and makes some tweaks.


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