My Portfolio Project | Alexandre Marques

Hi friends

Here is my working and live portfolio.
Already gad it on GitHub but let if out of date for a while.
Now it’s finished, for now, until I complete new projects.
I’ll try to let it always updated.
Would love feedbacks of it.

Thanks for the attention!.


Hi, Alexandre!

I think this is a good start. I have a few small suggestions for you. First, I think the text of the hero could stand out more. This could be done by creating a linear-gradient that goes from the top (black) to the bottom (transparent) of your image and making the text larger. Remember that the hero is the first thing that people see, so you want to make a great first impression! Second, the menu throws me off a bit. It’s kind of just…there? If you’d like to keep the dropdown menu, perhaps a traditional mobile dropdown? Lastly, try throwing in more whitespace. Don’t be afraid of stretching a page out, because it can help balance out your design.

Keep on keeping on, friend!

Hi friend!

Loved your reply and did some changes.
I’ve included some media queries for adapting the font size and thickness of the h1 as well.
I limited the width a little to show a little more space.
The menu was something I found from BootStrap and I wanted to use.
But I usually use a fixed top navigation bar leading to sections.
I left the usual navigation bar and the drop-down menu. The expanded/hidden menu I will use in another project.
With media queries, I aligned the navigation bar to right on small screens like cellphones, on the middle for a little bigger ones like tablets and left for larger like computers.

Thank you again for the feedback. I’m moving forward with the course.

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