My Portfolio. Please review and I would love suggestions!

  • This project was fun learning. I got practice with SVG (Spinning border around job title) and implemented a birthday guesser section to display my knowledge of JavaScript.
  • This project took me about a week and a half to complete. I worked about 15 hours in total with all of the documentation I have to review.
    Live link through gitpages:
    Dalton Joyner
    GitHub - Prim967/Portfolio

Thank you for any feed back! Positive or Constructive is always welcome.


Hey Dalton, good job on completing this project, I think the animation around the front-end engineer box is a cool feature plus the the flipping cards on hover is a nice touch! I have some feedback that may or may not interest you, a few things that I think could be designed better IMO.

I think the <div class=“container-home” box is a little too large, it may be better to scale the size down or tighten up the content inside of it. Your h2 headers are hanging to the left and it may be better for user readability to center them on the page, (look at line height for the font of the page too), maybe get rid of the underline as well and instead go with a border-bottom line for the h2 elements. The Guess Your Birthday section is a cool javascript feature but it may not belong on the homepage. I got rid of it completely to see how it would look and I think it would look way better for you. Lastly, I think the footer section could be designed better by centering the content and getting rid of the email section.

Just some feedback you may want to keep an eye out for. Still, good job overall, keep learning!

First off I want to thank you James for taking the time to look at my project. It means a lot. Second I any feed back is good feed back. This was my first project and I was trying to implement multiple elements on the page. I think you are right in all the feed back all the feed back given. I will make the changes and look for further feed back. I like the underline advice to get rid of it and use bottom-border. These pages will be split soon so that they don’t flow all down. Thanks again have a great day!

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No problem! I don’t mind helping! If you ever need more feedback or tips, I’m always at the computer so don’t hesitate to ask. I plan on being more active with people up here.