My Portfolio (finally)

Hi there!

I am Mariano, i was learning here in codecademy and in fcc platform. After three months i finished my first portfolio version (my idea is to improve while i am learning new things), all feedback are welcome!

Thanks in advance!


Hey! Thanks a lot for your words and your time! I will modify the text, yeah, you are right!


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imho where you have send me a email i would make this clickable and make it point to your email address thanks.

well Done on the rest of it.


Looks nice! Looking forward to eventually building my own!

I noticed that in the restaurant booking app, clicking any wine label checks the Malbec box rather than its own. The for attribute in the labels need to point to different ids, not the ‘variety’ one. Looks really professional though!

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Hey! Thanks for that! I did’t notice it before! I will fix, thanks so much ! :slight_smile:

Great work, love it!

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That looks really great! Nice job, congrats with the first one!

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Hey, it looks good! Excellent job, I wish you the best.

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how can i do that? thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks! the best for you too!

good job,nice work.You realy out did your self on that one,keep it up. :grin: :grin:

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The style of this is very nice. great use of colour and shape… I feeling inspired :slight_smile:

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hey man, nice work! I like your colour choices and layout, looks really clean and not crowded. Only thing I’d improve on is the bits in your Contacts where is says ‘More projects here’ and ‘Send me an email’, I’d make them a bit more intuitive by styling them differently, say a different colour or an underline, to draw attention to them so any viewer knows to interact with them. At the moment they could just pass for ordinary text like the rest of the paragraph. But a generally good work, well done.

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Thanks a lot! Yes, i have a lot of things to improve. Actually, i have some changes to do it in mind when i learn how to manipulate the dom but i think the hardest part is to decide a design, an idea :slight_smile:

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I like it very much !
good work and keep going !!

Fantastic. I love the colors and design! Simple, clean, fabulous. Now this may just be a matter of choice, but one thing I can’t stand it to have a gazillion tabs open. What I, personally, do is when a person clicks on a link it have it open but on the same tab… like _self. Anyway, keep up the good work

wow this is really good