My personal project

Hello , dear viewer. I created this project in a few days, it needs more work over it, but I feel like it is ready enough to post it for people to see. I will be very glad to hear a response from you!
And also there are a few secret features on it, but I guess I made it obvious enough, just search for places where your cursor turns into pointer.Its a JS logo in skills section, it changes the theme, and also the words about me trying to implement the photos viewing feature are clickable.

Hi! I think your portfolio is awesome. I like your projects as well. I didn’t actually include links to my projects on mine yet, so I thought it was impressive that you had these.
One thing I did notice that has nothing to do with coding, is that the letter “i” in the text is often lowercase and I thought maybe you would want to change that if potential employers would visit the site.
Hope that helps. Again I think it is great!

Thanks a lot for your review, I changed the ‘I’ problem, I didn’t notice it at first, thanks for pointing on that.

No problem! Glad I could help.