My personal Portfolio

I will appreciate if you all can check out my personal portfolio. It hasn’t been an easy path but an interesting one nonetheless.
It took me about 2 weeks to create this portfolio because I had to share my time with some other things :grimacing:
You can check it out : Ivan's Portfolio.
Thanks and hope to get responses from the review.

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Hi Crestedvee,

Firstly well done, you have achieved a lot. Flipping pictures and circling logos really caught my eye.

Maybe it’s just me, but having in mind you will use it as something you’ll like to show to your future employer I suggest to write a code yourself, you might want to show you know how to write it and how it works behind scenes. Also I recommend you to go through HTML semantics and page index.

Visually it looks great, still would like to suggest to reduce noise by reducing amount of turning pictures and maybe use it just on my skills row.

Hope it helps

Thanks a lot for your prompt review and response. I’ll work on your suggestion asap.