My Personal Portfolio

Hello everyone, I would like to share my portfolio, I will appreciate your comments.

Thanks a lot.
Portfolio Webpage


Hello and welcome back to the forums!

Congratulations on completing your personal portfolio! It’s pretty great, especially the event that changes your picture on hover.

I do have a few comments, though:

  • It’s a little plain at the moment - try adding some color! There are some great resources out there, for pre-made color schemes or for creating your own color scheme.

  • It would be helpful to include a title attribute for your skills list (with the value being the language’s name), as I was unfamiliar with a few of the languages that you had listed.

  • This one is kind of nit-picking, but your About Me section is currently a wall of text - I think it needs to be broken up a bit.

Overall though, this is a great start to your journey! Congratulations again on completing the portfolio project! :partying_face:

thanks a lot! I appreciate your time, I will folllow your recommendations.

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You’re welcome! Happy coding :grinning: