My Personal Portfolio


I finished with the personal portfolio for the full stack course.

  • It took me about almost 2 weeks, compared with the 2 days projects of the previous challenges on the course so it was quite lengthy.
  • It wasn’t necessarily difficult. I’m used to stuck every now and then with simple things. Mostly, I had a very simple wireframe but I wasn’t sure how it would look by the end so it was just trial and error. And the gallery script was interesting. Could’ve done more: such adding a zoom option but I need to move on with the next projects instead of dwelling a lot of time on one project.

website: Here
repo: Here


I really like this portfolio! I do have a couple of critisms though…

  1. I love how your sort of “about” section is right there on the top greeting everyone but I feel like the color spectrum background doesnt really match the rest of the website. I feel like the colors should be a little less bright if ya know what i mean

  2. When you use the tabs on the navigation bar it would be cool if instead of just jumping straight to that section of the website, it kind of scrolled down. I think it would look more polished and smooth.

  3. Last thing i have is the links for your other websites. Having the button just say “Website” is kind of boring especially if they all say the same thing. I’m not really sure what else you could put there but its just a picky critism

I REALLY like the skills part of the website. Very cool looking and a great way to represent your skills in a visual way. I also love your art!

Overall, it’s a great website! You did a really great job and you should be proud of yourself!

have a great day!! :slight_smile:

Hey chears! Something important that you need to know about the bars/percentages/rating on your skills or languages: do not use them, because they are subjective to the person that’s reading it. Example: imagine that there are 2 people, and maybe a half full bar on JavaScript can be excellent to one of those 2 people and to the other one can be basically knowing nothing, so it’s important to only list your skills without a percentage or kind of rating.

PS: don’t do it on the curriculum / resume either, a lot of recruiters says that!

Thanks! :smiley:

1.- The about it’s my favorite part but I understand what you mean. Something I have to be careful is that the colors pop way more in my cellphone, so colors don’t look the same in all devices.
2.- Great Idea, will do that on all the next projects probably. Never thought of that before.
3.- I will think about it, for the moment I don’t have anything though n.n’

I completely agree, I was doing the wirefame and I wasn’t coming up with anything that convinced me. So I decided to go for the bars because of the looks otherwise I wouldn’t have finished the project in the time that I was hoping for ( Either way it took a week more than I was aiming for hahaha) In my next portfolio I will definitively find a better way to display the skills.


Also, from previous experience, I’ve seen It’s great to go an extra mile or two or ten miles but going an extra 100 miles is not a great idea since you get stuck on the same thing . And in a portfolio this is quite noticeable, you can have a great portfolio with very simple projects and wouldn’t make sense. I would like for my portfolio to scale in quality as my other project do :smiley:

So thanks! I will surely have on mind all of your suggestions for coming projects :grin:

Wow, this portfolio is awesome! I love the style of your page. I’ve been looking for inspiration to make my portfolio website more interesting, and you just gave me a lot. Thank you!

Your artistic ability is highlighted by your color choice and styling of your website. Your “Projects” and “Art” sections look professional, and it shows that you care a lot about their presentation. The styling flow is excellent in these areas. When the saturation stays roughly the same, you change brightness slightly, and hue more drastically to a contrasting color to indicate separation of your projects, along with the necessary whitespace. I can also see the improvement you’ve made in your development skill when comparing your projects with each other. When you reach the end of the projects section, the color choice of the final project container along with the increased whitespace at the bottom of this section allows for the viewer to easily understand that the section is over, but create a smooth transition into your art section, with the background being roughly the same huge, but a larger difference in saturation and brightness.

Some things that I think could improve your portfolio: You are clearly able to create clean and aesthetically pleasing visuals, as proven by your “Projects” and “Arts” sections. Your navigation bar and introduction section lack that same quality that you are capable of. I think the border-radius styling and font-color on your name is a bit out of place, as it was used nowhere else on your portfolio and doesn’t flow well with your styling choices. I believe you should get rid of the border and change the font-color to match the rest of the elements in-line with your name (white).

For similar reasons, I believe the gradient and drop shadow you used on the introduction section is also out of place. I’m assuming the drop shadow was done to increase contrast between the white “Hello! I’m Charlie.” and the bright background, because you used black text with no drop shadow in the same area. I believe a better solution for the gradient might be to limit it solely to the colors used elsewhere in your portfolio, which were deep, rich colors, where as the current colors in your gradient are vibrant, neon colors.

As far as your “Skills” section goes, I think you should let your work speak for itself. If a recruiter looks at your page and sees that you do good work in a certain aspect of coding, but you gave yourself a poor score, that might hurt their perception of your skills. You should state that you have the ability to work in a certain language, software, but let your work speak for itself.

Great job, and thank you for showing me some aspects that I am missing in my own portfolio.

Here is my own portfolio, if you wanted to take a look at it and give me your thoughts on what could be added/removed/changed/improved:
I now know that I have much more to do and will get to work on it promptly!

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Looks great!

The only thing I would recommend is setting up some smooth scroll for projects, art, skills and contact.