My Personal Portfolio

Hey Guys,

here’s my personal portfolio project. It took me about 2 whole days to complete it. It was annoying being stuck on a couple of styling issues but overall I thought it was a great learning experience. I still have to work on it being responsive for smaller view ports such as phone and tables but it looks pretty good on the computer.

here’s a link to the live site: Joshua's Porfolio Website
here’s a link to the repo: GitHub - JoshuaAD/JoshGotAppsPortfolio: My Freelance Portolio Website created with HTML, CSS, and JS


It looks nice! I love the animations and it’s something I plan on adding more to mine. Other than the mobile responsiveness, I thinks it’s a pretty good looking portfolio!

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Nice design, kudos! :clap:

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I appreciate it! I definitely have to work on the mobile responsiveness

Thanks so much! I still have a lot to work on but this is just a start