My personal portfolio


I spent the past few days working on m portfolio. At the moment it looks a little bit empty, particularly the “recent work” section. Also, I still have a few features to add. Like copying my mail address when the user clicks on the “email” button inside the “contact” section.

In terms of responsiveness, I struggled a lot with media queries. I would change something and for some reason the page would render different than expected. I still need to polish the styles a lot.

Nonetheless, I’m happy with the effort and the result. This is only the beginning!


Hi Andres, very inspirational work! Keep going!

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Hi Andrés! It looks really great and super professional on my phone in portrait mode, but it’s thoroughly broken when I have my phone in landscape - maybe worth having a look at that? Great work though!

Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks! Yes, I also noticed that. Haven’t really put in the time to fix it. It has to do with “vh” units I believe. Perhaps I need a few media queries for landscape orientation to solve it.

Thanks a lot for the feedback :slight_smile:

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