My Personal Portfolio Website

Thanks for taking a look at my portfolio!
It is finished, for now. I do plan to add more to it, eventually change around the projects page, and yes I need to work on making it responsive!!

Live Site: Live Site to my Portfolio
Code Repo: Github

That is very nice , it shows this weppage was made by a girl completly :smile: and May I ask you to take a look at my portfolio project?

I would suggest working on making it responsive because as it stands, I can’t see anything on a mobile device.

I know this, that is my next project.

No problem! Consider responsiveness an essential part of web development because to make it responsive you’re pretty much going to have to redo the entire thing.

Oh I know, and creating something to be responsive is one of my more difficult challenges unfortunately.

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We’ll stick with it and I know you can master it! You’re in a great community to do so :slightly_smiling_face:

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