My Personal Portfolio Website

Hi everyone!

I finally finished my Personal Portfolio Website. This took me quite some time because I didn’t have a set design in mind so I found myself changing a lot of my HTML and CSS before I finally settled on something.

It looks and feels quite empty at the moment because I haven’t done many projects but I intend to expand it as time goes on.

The site should be fully responsive and functional on mobile, tablet and desktop but I would really appreciate any feedback/suggestions on how I could potentially make it better.

Here is the link: Kevin Thompson

Thanks in advance!

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The overall impression is that it looks great, the theme changer, nav-bar and banner hero are all spot on. It looks professional and changes smoothly.
The only thing I think stands out from the site is the contact bar on the full size version, it looks a bit plain. I’m not sure I could offer good advice though, I mean, it’s not bad. It’s just not as good as the rest.