My Personal Portfolio Website with Responsive Design


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Please check out my website! Link below:
Vladimir’s Personal Website

Feedback welcome!

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Looks crisp, well organized, like the color scheme you chose, and I especially like the email messaging system. That is a neat addition I have not seen personally before on any final project. Well done sir!

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Big thanks to you! I really appreciate your words

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I think looking into flat design principals would help as while the design is nice, parts of it are a bit busy. 90% of the homepage is photos or gradient. Maybe try taking away the gradient and the scenic background and see how it looks.

Having the icons for facebook etc more in the middle might be good. I also think simple icons from fontawesome might be nicer than buttons.

Я думаю, что иконки сверху только мешают. Не знаю, как у тебя, но у меня некорректно отображаются картинки (смещена влево) и форы для заполнения (они не должны быть растянуты на весь экран). В целом, ощущение полный отстой. Прости конечно, но это так.