My Personal Portfolio Website - Feedback Wanted!

Hello Reviewer,

This is my personal portfolio website. Although it’s at a good stopping point, I still plan on adding some more features to it to improve it.

The projects was neither easy nor difficult. It was manageable. I’ve taken a college course in front-end web development so I’ve had a little bit of prior knowledge before taking this career path.

I wasn’t in any rush to finish this project. I made sure to take my time so I didn’t overwhelm myself. Overall, I’d say it took a few weeks to finish.

This is the link to my project:
My website:

Can’t wait to hear your feedback!

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Welcome to the forums!

The only minor thing I would point out is that when viewed on a mobile device, the site content is slightly too wide for the screen, leading to a horizontal scrollbar and certain elements such as the footer stopping before the edge of the page:

In particular this seemed to be caused by the projects section being too wide:

Overall however it looks great and I really like the choice of color-scheme, well done! :clap:

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I fixed it! I appreciate your feedback!

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Hi Isaiah,
good job so far. Only thing i would change is the width of the text when looking on a desktop viewport

The text is far too wide to read it with comfort.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile :slight_smile: