My Personal Portfolio Site

Hi Everyone,
I would love your review of my portfolio project when you have a chance. I welcome your feedback!

I had fun building this and look forward to improving upon it as time goes by.

Source code on GitHub: GitHub - kathhill/portfolio
Live site on GitHub Pages: Kathleen Hill | Web Engineer

Thanks in advance!

Hi K kathleen,
Nice project.
In your css you use % for your fonts.
So, I have to pass my view to 85% to have a correct view.
Use em or rem is better for your result.
Have a nice day.

Hi ED,
I appreciate your response, but I am using rems for font-size. My base font-size is declared at 100% on the HTML element, and then relative units are used throughout. Or was it something else?

Thanks again,

It is not what I see in your css file :slight_smile: But i could be wrong :slight_smile:

Is it possible you’re looking at my reset library file - modern-normalize.css?

Sorry. I don’t remember now. But you can better of me find where you use % against em.
Just look at your css :wink: