My Personal Portfolio Project

Hello, this is my personal portfolio project. I’ve got some inspiration from Kevin Powell who teaches front-end development on Youtube and my website was inspired by what I’ve learned from him. - Live Demo


It looks interesting. Stylish and concise :wink:
I like the animation of the buttons and pictures in the Projects section.
The menu works great, the only confusion is the bar that appears underneath the words. I assume it’s supposed to indicate which section you’re in now? But when you click on “Projects”, this bar is still visible under the “About” section of the menu :thinking:


Thank you for that, I might need to adjust my scroll position to highlight the correct section. Thank you for the positive feedback! :grin:

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Nice! I like football too lol. Btw, how long have you been learning front-end? :smiley:

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I would say going on 4 months now, it’s been a learning process and I can see the difference from when I first started until this project. It’s like day and night!

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A nice, clean-looking website. Even better for having Dybala on you website but I assume those would be replaced by your own picture. One thing I can add is on your project images when hovered, instead of the images scaling bigger and occupying more space on the Y axis if you put it in a parent div and make that div overflow hidden. I think the zooming effect you are trying to get will look even better. Best of luck

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Thank you! I will check it out, thanks for the advice!