My Personal Portfolio project

Hi. I’m Anthony. I’d been studying for web development for the past 3 months.
It was fun exploring new ways to make my website my interactive using both CSS and JavaScript.
It took a few days to complete, since I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do at first.

You can review my project at:

Please be kind. LOL.


Congratulations on completing your site!
I just have a few suggestions.

You may want to consider aligning the vertical lines on this section.

Also, these button and this header are the only objects not aligned centrally:

Hope that helps!

Congrats on finishing the project! :partying_face:

A few things:

  • The “About Me” section should be a short paragraph describing your tech background, why you’re interested in web dev. and ultimately why someone should hire you. I would also suggest adding more space between that and the project gallery. What do you think?

  • Perhaps get rid of the CC and FreeCodeCamp in the menu and combine them into a Projects section instead.

  • Unless your FB profile is professional in nature (a business site for example) don’t include it on a portfolio site that will be seen by potential employers. There needs to be a separation between personal and professional lives. Any employer doesn’t need to know what you do away from the office.

Hi LJ:

Great tips. I will implement the changes. I agree with the idea of removing FB, it’s too personal!

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Hi bcoding21:

Thanks for the tips. I have an idea how to better streamline my “born in” section.