My Personal Portfolio Project - Please GRILL me!

Hey guys!

I really enjoyed this project, it was the first time I was able to really explore the concepts I’ve learnt (and forgotten!) so far in the course.

I’m relatively happy with the outcome of my project, but I am always open to criticism - so please GRILL my project.

I took inspiration from this personal portfolio:

brittanychiang com

I would have loved to add some animations and effects as Brittany did on her website, but all in due time…

GitHub repo:

GitHub pages:

Please let me know what you guys think, all feedback is appreciated!


I think your website looks like a cool and efficient design!
Especially, I like the contact window part!

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Thanks for your feedback!

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I love the styling of the page, that contact form is really good as well.

Thank you!

Apprecaite your feedback!

Quick update:

From the feedback I received, I should:

Make the page more responsive.
Add a smooth scroll.
My social links in the sidebar should open in a new tab.

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Hey it looks REALLY slick. Very nice. Just boost the font size on mobile a bit but other than that, super cool.

For when you add animations, I’m not sure what you’re coding in, but there’s a really great and simple library called Aos (Animate on Scroll) that requires very little and adds just enough animation to not be too much. I used it on my portfolio if u want to see it in action: Sleeptil3Software

So far not too shabby. One issue I’m having is on mobile Firefox I’m getting alot of extra space on my right hand side. I’m not sure if its because of the extra space adjusting the size but the font is small for me to read on my phone.

Keep it up though! For a first draft you have an excellent foundation.

Hey man,

thanks for the feedback! Love your site, it looks super clean and really professional.

I wanted to add animate on scroll but at the time of coding, I didn’t want to add any external libraries for this project. Now that I want to begin to build my portfolio for purpose, this is definitely something I will look to do! Thanks for the heads up.

Also, let’s connect! Do you have discord/twitter?

Kind regards

Thanks for the feedback man! Much appreciated. I didn’t get round to making it fully responsive, so that’s why you’re probably seeing some issues.

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Your portfolio looks really neat. I did notice something in the GitHub repo: you should erase the the DS_Store file since it serves no purpose there

You can avoid committing that on accident by modifying the .gitignore file (any text editor would do)

Other than that, it looks great!

I see the Latin placeholder text is still in place under “About Me” and “Skills” pages. Also, the gray text against black background makes it harder to read.

Nice, crisp fonts, though. And welcome to the community!