My personal Portfolio project - focus on animations

I put the majority of the focus of this website on animations and transitions, with less of a focus on the overall look of the website, so sorry if it isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as other people’s portfolios.

Link to the page live page: Michael's Portfolio

Link to github: GitHub - MediumBlock/Portfolio

some questions:
What can I do to reduce the redundancies I have in my JS code? it was very tedious to have the left and right arrows do the appropriate tasks.

for my responsive CSS code is there a better way to go about making a website responsive? I tried to find each break point and adjust accordingly, I found that due to my animations using ‘position: relative’ it caused quite a-bit of issues especially with the formatting and pushing elements to new lines, so I decided to make the images that the animations overlay a fixed size, but this had drawbacks of making it less responsive overall.

Overall the project was a-lot of fun to make, even if it was a-bit tedious at times!