My Personal Portfolio Project...Finally

Hi colleagues, here is my portfolio project. I did it in HTML, CSS with a little JavaScript. All constructive remarks are welcome, and if you see something I need to correct, tell me to correct and improve my knowledge.

Live site: Portfolio Site
Repo: GitHub - AleksandarV91/Codecademy-Portfolio-Project

It looks great, well done for completing the project, I really like the design and color scheme! :clap:

The only (very minor!) piece of feedback I would give is that one some screen resolutions there can be much larger amount of whitespace that appears between the sections (this for example takes up most of a 1440p device):

I would note that this only ever appears on some screen resolutions, here is a 1080p resolution window for comparison:

It did not appear on the mobile screen sizes I tested it on either :slightly_smiling_face: