My Personal Portfolio From My Course

This was a slightly different project, as I had already done a portfolio when I was taking my full stack web dev course. I do however want to use this resource and see what others think about it. I was having issues with how the site was displaying, that I hope I fixed a bit ago.

I started on this journey because I felt my college course did very little in supplying me the necessary skills to be comfortable in an interview or professional environment. I’ve been doing as much learning on here as possible, but I never really had the opportunity to interact with many of my classmates as they were either not present in conversation and classes or were having more difficulties then myself.

Please feel free to look it over and let me know what you think, what I could fix, any sort of feedback is welcome and appreciated. I’m a pretty open book.

github: GitHub - TyMckenz/portfolio: Personal portfolio with descriptions of myself and skills

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Hey Tyler!

The site was great! I have just one feedback about the design… Regarding the user experience, the buttons below your name should have the same color if they are all clickable and act the same way… 2 colors may let users think light blue is clickable and transparent isn’t.

Good luck in your path!!
If you have time, check mine too: Here's my portfolio! Never thought I would be so happy making a slide show using JavaScript!

Hey Aline,

I took your suggestions and went back, and also knowing more now then I did when I made it I made some changes I wanted to do for a while but couldn’t figure out. Overall I’m glad I got the feedback and thank you for it.

I also like the neat setup of your page, some fun ideas in there!

Hey there! It’s cool to see you taking the initiative to tweak your portfolio and get some thoughts on it. College courses don’t always cover everything, right? But kudos to you for diving into self-learning!